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Re: Brake fluid

gt6493c@prism.gatech.edu (gt6493c FLUHR,ERIC J) writes:
>I have heard a little bit on Audi's 'special' mineral brake
>fluid, but which cars use it?

As far as I know, the U.S. model Audis that use the hydraulic pump
includes all 5000, 100 and 200 models from 1984 to 1991.  The 4000 and
Coupe series used a conventional vacuum brake booster and conventional
power steering system.  Except the original 1982-1985 quattro turbo
coupe, which used the hydraulic system.

On the hydraulic pump cars, the mineral fluid is for the hydraulic pump
only (which generates the power boost for the steering as well as the
brakes), and is filled in a special cylindrically-shaped plastic
canister.  Many people confuse this to be the "power-steering fluid"
reservoir, which is wrong!  Also, this is *not* "brake fluid".  There
is a separate reservoir for the brake fluid (conventional DOT-4).

Words of warning to 5000/100/200 owners: Do not *ever* put anything other
than the Audi factory mineral hydraulic oil (from an Audi dealer or OEM
supplier) in the your hydraulic system.  I have heard of too many cases
of major damage due to improper fluid!  Audi is serious about this
and have published tech bulletins on this.  Heed the label on the
reservoir itself!

>Unfortunately, the clunking noise was not resolved by >the new joints
>(it only happens on sharp turns, generally when backing >out of a space
>and then going forward again).  Is there something else, >maybe in the
>suspension settling, that can cause this sound?

If you're sure it's a CV-joint clunk, then it could be one of the
following: strut bearing, ball joint, or tie-rod end.

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