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Re: Brake fluid

>In-Reply-To:  gt6493c AT prism.gatech.edu   -- Thu, 1 Oct 1992 23:30:09 -0400

> ...  I worked on the front end this summer.  I installed front Boge Turbo Gas
>struts cartridges, new strut bearings, 1 tie rod end, 1 ball joint, and 1
>inner and 1 outer CV joint.  Out of the 4 CV joints, only 1 appeared
>significantly worn (the pass.  side inner).  I replaced that one, as well as
>one of the outer joints, because I had been hearing a clunking noise since I
>bought the car.  Unfortunately, the clunking noise was not resolved by the new
>oints (it only happens on sharp turns, generally when backing out of a space
>and then going forward again).  Is there something else, maybe in the
>suspension settling, that can cause this sound?

I have an 4000 Quattro and It makes clunking noises, too.  When we test drove
2 other 4000Q's they sounded 'clunky' too.  I'm assuming its the Quattro
system, even though I've heard otherwise here on the Quattro list.