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Re: Brake fluid

>From the _1985 Quattro_  (Quattro Turbo Coupe) Owner's Manual


3 - Power assis steering fluid reservoir

use ATF Dexron (R Tm)

ATF is Automatic Transmission Fluid and I believe that Dexron is the GM variety.

5 - Brake fluid reservoir

blah blah blah..... use only new and unused DOT 4 brake fluid that meets SAE
specification J 1703 and conforms to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 116.

Do not add or mix DOT 5 silicone type brake fluid as severe component
corrosion may result leading to brake system failure.

As previously noted by others and I'll repeat here for safety:

1) The DOT 4 brake fluid goes ONLY into the brake master cylinder reservoir.

2) The ATF Dexron GM trans fluid goes ONLY into the hnydraulic system reservoir
   and ONLY on cars that have the combination hydraulic brake/power steering

Be sure! Check the _Gas Station Information_ section in the rear of your
Audi Owner's Manual for your car.