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Re: Spark Plugs

>I've got an '85 5000S and I'm about to change the plugs again. My question is,
>why shouldn't I use Bosch Platinum plugs? I had them in there at one point, and
>when I had the car serviced the next time, I was told that they weren't
>recommended. Any reason why this might be (other than that the guy running the

Simple. Bosch Platinums are crud. They only work well in cars with
high-energy, or CDI ignitions, and even then, they errode down 
below the insulator very quickly. The quanity of Platinum used is
way to small. Other brands of platinum plugs CAN be much longer wearing 
than a conventional plug, but in my experience, BOSCH plats aren't.
Bosch Plats also seem to have a much smaller spark kernal than a
conventional plug. I've found that my 5000S turbo idles much better
on conventional Bosch plugs.

Your mileage may vary, but probably not by much :-)

Greg Granville