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Not Original Parts

          To all that are interested and involved in the 

restoration and perpetuation of the hobby of antique 

automobiles:  We would like to introduce a new company that is 

involved in just that.  The name is NOT ORIGINAL PARTS (NOP).  

My name is Ron Peters; my brother Terry and I have grown up 

surrounded by this hobby.  We both have been involved with 

many makes of vehicles, but have been primarily interested in 

Chrysler products (Mopars) and Alfa Romeos.

          Our view toward restoration is one of extreme 

quality, and we, like you, have a difficult time finding parts 

with which to rebuild our cars. There are many manufacturers 

of aftermarket parts for many different types of cars, and 

there is just as wide a diversity in quality as well.  Not 

only is the search for the part difficult, but the search for 

the quality in that individual part makes things doubly hard.  

Other times the part is nowhere to be found in aftermarket and 

the only option left is in trying to find it from a private 

party or possibly a parts car or wreck.  The market for 

original parts is often sparse and can be extremely 

expensive.  This is where NOP comes in.

          We are in the process of restoring a 1957 Alfa Romeo 

Giulietta Sprint.  We have decided to add to the aftermarket 

arena by starting with the Giulietta.  We not only want to do 

this to return our car to 100 point condition, we would also 

like to help all those out there with similar cars, as well as 

others to be explained later.  NOP's aim is to produce the 

highest quality parts to give the absolute perfect look of 

restoration without diluting the original-part market with 

parts that are so close to original that they can be passed 

off as original.  We plan to make every part so that it can be 

identified as aftermarket when not in place, but have the 

perfect look of originality when in place.  We don't want to 

produce counterfeits.

          NOP is starting with a part that was included on at 

least the 1957 and 1958 Giulietta Sprints.  It may be on other 

years or models of Giuliettas but as of now we don't have that 

information.  This part is a jack-hole cover.  On the side of 

the Giulietta Sprint, in the body there are four slots for 

jack points.  These parts are original equipment that fit into 

these jack points to cover the hole and continue the body 

line.  Many other owners that we have talked to had never 

heard of these covers for their cars and we thought that there 

would be many others in the same situation.  Initially NOP 

would like any information concerning these covers and also we 

would like any interested inquiries to email for more specific 


     NOP does not want to limit itself to producing only parts 

from one specific model of one specific make of automobile.  

We are starting with the Giulietta mainly for the fact that it 

is the car we have most access to.  We would like to produce 

the parts that are needed, no matter what kind of car they are 

for.  All we need is the verification that there is enough 

demand for any given part to make the process feasible.  We 

welcome any and all requests for specific parts and we will 

research and consider all of them. Most people involved in 

auto restoration cannot afford to have a particular part 

custom made for one time use, but with a company like NOP, we 

are small enough that we can have short runs of parts for very 

specific applications and make it worthwhile.

          I would like to thank you for your time on behalf of 

Terry and myself, Ron.  We would greatly appreciate any 

comments, information, or requests.

          Not Original Parts


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