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Upgrading everything else

I wrote about having the Intended Acceleration engine-computer
modifications done on my '88 5000 CS Turbo.  I'm very pleased
for the most part: being able to pass effortlessly at 11,000 feet
up on the west side of the Eisenhower Tunnel is quite gratifying,
for one thing, what with most cars fighting the grade and the thin
air.  There's maybe a little torque steer at full acceleration, but
nothing too bad.

I'd feel a bit safer with better brakes, perhaps some changes to
the suspension, or better tires (the present ones are some species
of H-rated Uniroyal M+S, which seem okay -- they were on the car
when I bought it used a few months ago).  But how much further can
I go?  The 15-inch wheels with their 205/60s look about as big as
will fit, a local mechanic implies that the Turbo model's suspension
and brakes are about as good as are widely available (although I
might consider better shocks when they need replacement), and the
aerodynamics of the car are supposedly so good that a rear spoiler
would just add drag (and look damned silly to boot).  Any suggestions?