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Re: 4000 Quattro Turbo

Karl, have you considered trading the 4000 CSQ for *the* quattro (i.e.
"the turbo quattro koop")?  the money and time you are sinking in
would probably put you into the marketplace for a 83.  the quattro is
much more highly revered (considered one of the truly great cars of
the past 30 years, and would quite possibly become a collector's item
10 years from now). 

i have driven that car, and it is one hell of an adrenalin pump!!  all
the others are wimps compared to *the* quattro.  now, i'm not talking
about numbers or such... just the raw excitement of the thing... no
wonder they call it great.  too bad they don't import them anymore....
a torsen, abs and 20 valve equipped example wouldn't be too bad..
no servotronic-s2 for me!!!