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Re: Upgrading everything else

> >I'd feel a bit safer with better brakes, perhaps some changes to

> There is no brake hardware upgrade for the 5000 Turbo that I'm aware of,
> and your stock brakes are quite superior as it stands.  The 5000 Turbo
> has much bigger (11") rotors than the non-turbo models.

wonder if the S4's brakes would fit the 5000T.  audi had a brief
flirtation with internal caliper brakes on the v8, but abandoned them
shortly after.  the v8 is now retrofitted with 5000T/5000TQ brakes.
works quite well for a 4000 pound car, but i haven't hammered them

> You might
> consider upgrading to Repco Metalmaster brake pads for some improvement
> in stopping distances.  

has this been shown to be true to the satisfaction of skeptics?  if
so, i will get a set too when the time comes after the warranty runs

> >and the
> >aerodynamics of the car are supposedly so good that a rear spoiler
> >would just add drag (and look damned silly to boot).

ever peek under a 5000 series car?  the smoothness of its underbelly
is one of its major contributors to excellent aerodynamics.  it
doesn't need add ons because the car was designed right from the
outset to be low drag, and i agree with everybody else that adding
stuff will only ruin the highly optimised design.

also remember that fatter tires will also increase drag simply because
they add to the frontal area.. part of the reason why the v8 is rated
at only 0.34 while the non turbo 5000 0.30 or so.  (well the v8 also
has those very subtle brake cooling ducts on the chin spoiler, kinda
neat after i discovered them months after i had the car.. :-) )

but as far as ultimate aerodynamics are concerned, i don't think they
matter that much in the land of 55, so do whatever pleases you..

take control!!  (heh heh heh)