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Re: Upgrading everything else

gooley@netcom.com (Mark. Gooley) writes:
>I wrote about having the Intended Acceleration engine-computer
>modifications done on my '88 5000 CS Turbo.  I'm very pleased
>for the most part: being able to pass effortlessly at 11,000 feet
>up on the west side of the Eisenhower Tunnel is quite gratifying,
>for one thing, what with most cars fighting the grade and the thin

Thanks for the positive report.  You are tempting me to do likewise
on my 5000 Turbo...

>I'd feel a bit safer with better brakes, perhaps some changes to
>the suspension, or better tires (the present ones are some species
>of H-rated Uniroyal M+S, which seem okay -- they were on the car
>when I bought it used a few months ago).  But how much further can
>I go?

There is no brake hardware upgrade for the 5000 Turbo that I'm aware of,
and your stock brakes are quite superior as it stands.  The 5000 Turbo
has much bigger (11") rotors than the non-turbo models.  You might
consider upgrading to Repco Metalmaster brake pads for some improvement
in stopping distances.  They are also quieter and less dust-prone than
the stock pads.  Another possibility is to have the rotors cross-drilled.
This will improve stopping distances but may reduce the longevity of the

>The 15-inch wheels with their 205/60s look about as big as
>will fit, a local mechanic implies that the Turbo model's suspension
>and brakes are about as good as are widely available (although I
>might consider better shocks when they need replacement),

You should be able to go to a 16x8 wheel.  The 5000 Turbo quattro
models are available from the factory with 15x8" rally alloys from
Fuchs.  I have also seen 5000s with 16" wheels.  The 16" wheel will
make the ride harder.  For some people it might seem out of keeping
with the nature of a big 4-door sedan.  You will definitely benefit
from better tires.  225/50-16 ought to fit, if you use the right
wheel offset...

The Turbo does have better suspension than the non-turbo.  If you must
make improvements to it I recommend replacing the front anti-roll
bar with a bigger one.  The stock one is already fairly beefy, but
S-T has an even bigger one.  Also, S-T makes an add-on rear anti-roll
bar that will make a big difference.  Performance Shocks will improve
the handling, but will also worsen the ride in a big way.

>and the
>aerodynamics of the car are supposedly so good that a rear spoiler
>would just add drag (and look damned silly to boot).

Agreed 100%.  Aerodynamic add-ons to the Audi C2 class sedan will
only spoil the look, and the car really does not need any such
add-ons.  The B-class sedans (4000 series as well as the 80/90),
on the other hand, do look good with certain aerodynamic pieces and
I have seen a couple of tasteful conversions.

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