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Re: 4000 Quattro Turbo

"Karl Nordstrom" <KXN2@PSUVM.PSU.EDU> writes:
>[ ...about turbocharging a 4000 quattro... ]

>This idea just keeps getting more involed.  It sounds like I'll need a Turbo
>Quattro Coupe for parts.

That would be ideal, if you have a wrecked turbo quattro Coupe with a good
front end.  Now, on the other hand, if you have a non-wrecked quattro Coupe
it would probably be a bad idea to strip it for parts.  That model, after
all, is fairly rare and is considered by many to be a collectible.

>[...swap everything between the 4000 quattro and turbo quattro Coupe]
>Then I could sell
>the Quattro Coupe for as much as a 4000 Coupe GT.

Probably not... a strange hybrid like that would not command as high a
resale value as a bone-stock model.  The used car market is weird.

Also, keep in mind that in most places the seller is responsible for
making sure that the car is smog legal.  California requires that the
car meet smog standards of the engine or the car, whichever is newer.
For example, if you have an '84 car with a '92 engine, then the car
must pass '92 standards.  If the car is a '92 and has an '84 engine,
then the car must still pass the '92 standards.  I suspect other states
have similar requirements.

>[...cost of conversion minus money gained from selling donor car]
>Now I compare this cost to the cost of trading my 4000 for a used
>Turbo-charged quattro sedan.  What woold be the least expensive model?

Depends upon which model year and condition, of course.  Audi only
imported the turbo quattro Coupe to the U.S. between model year 1982 and
1985, so the newest one you'd find is an '85.  They are not too common in
the used car marketplace, and depending upon condition I have seen asking
price in excess of $15,000 for an '85.  The 5000 Turbo quattro was
introduced to the U.S. since the 1986 model year and the approximate market
value of a 1986 car in good condition is around $9000.

>Are the 90 Quattros turbo changed?

No.  The U.S. model 90 quattros are all normally aspirated.  They have
10-valve engines from 1988-89, and got a 20-valve engine in 1990.  The
1993 90 series for the U.S. all have V6 engines.  A 20-valve turbocharged
quattro Coupe (known as the Audi S2) was introduced in Europe in 1991,
but it was never officially imported to the U.S. The same engine was
offered in the 1991 200 quattro, and a slightly improved version in the
1992+ Audi S4 sedan.

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