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Re: 4000 Quattro Turbo

>Karl, have you considered trading the 4000 CSQ for *the* quattro (i.e.
>"the turbo quattro koop")?  the money and time you are sinking in
>would probably put you into the marketplace for a 83.

Yes, that is the automobile I originally desired, but the wife doesn't
like how it looks.  I thought I could install a turbo for a few thousand
dollars, but as Ti has pointed out there is alot more to it than first
seems.  Alas, this will be cost prohibitive.

>...too bad they don't import them anymore...

I thought they brought them in for '90-'91 with the 20 valve head, but
without a turbo.

>a torsen, abs and 20 valve equipped example wouldn't be too bad..

Is this the '90-'91 Coupe Quattro?

>no servotronic-s2 for me!!!

Isn't that the european version of the Coupe Quattro with the turbo
and 20 valve head?  Sounds pretty exciting to me.  Is the servotronic
power steering your only complaint?

If my memory serves me correctly the original Quattro doesn't have a
Torsen center differential.  Is that true?  Doesn't the Torsen-Gleason
differentials make it possible to have full time ABS?