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Re: 4000 Quattro Turbo

>  The 5000 Turbo quattro was
>introduced to the U.S. since the 1986 model year and the approximate market
>value of a 1986 car in good condition is around $9000.

One data point - I bought a 1987 5000CS Turbo Quattro for $7900 in May
of this year. It was (is) in excellent condition, with 46K miles when
I bought it. These cars are hard to find though. It took me about three
months of searching through used car ads to find it. Of course, I was
looking for an 1987 CSQ specifically since Consumers Reports rates the
87 (and later) 5000 CSQ as "much better than average" (the highest rating)
for reliability. I concentrated on an '87 rather than a later model to
keep within my budget.

I've found the car to be an excellent compromise between handling/power/
sportiness and utility/space(I have two kids)/fuel economy.

Karl, I would definitely recommend that you consider a 5000CSQ as an
alternative to upgrading your 4000 Quattro to a turbo.

Zafer Mehmood