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Re: Audi Steering Oil Update


You wrote in the Quattro mailing list on July 22:

>So after I found out that I need to use mineral oil, I wanted to blead the 
>system immediately to prevent the seals form going to the grave. ..

>I'll have to see if the new MINERAL oil will have any improvement.  

	I was wondering how things turned out for you after you drained
and refilled the hydraulic system with the correct mineral based fluid.
Did it stop the leaks? I have a slow leak in my 87 5000 CSQ's steering rack
and hydraulic pump. The problem was there when I bought the car six months
ago but I didn't think too much about it then. I have not added any fluid
so far but it is getting low now. I am wondering if its worth doing what
you did. I'd appreciate it if you can let me know your experiences.

Zafer Mehmood