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Re: Book Info Wanted

Ti Kan wrote:
> [...]  The Auto Union
> was formed largely due to market pressures as a result of the great
> depression.  Today Audi is the only surviving member of the Auto Union,
> which, in addition to the heritage of the four original companies, 
> also embodies NSU (reknowned for the first production car with a
> Wankel rotary engine), and of course, VW.
Of course it might be noted that in the '50s Auto Union (then owned by
Mercedes) sold cars only under the DKW marque.  The first of the new
generation, the Auto Union Audi 60 was introduced in the late '60s, and
soon followed by the 75 and 90.  The 100 was introduced around '72, and
was the first large post-war car by Auto Union.

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