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Re: Book Info Wanted

>Minor correction: "Audi" (as in audio) and "Horch" (as in hear) both mean
>"to listen".

You're quite right, of course. August Horch left the original Horch company
in Zwickau in the summer of 1909, after some disagreements including the
flop of the six-cylinder 50/60. Almost right next door, he formed August
Horch Automobilwerk, but changed it to Audi after a legal confrontation with
the original Horch, upset about a rival with the same name!

>Audi has changed its corporate title from "Audi NSU Auto Untion AG" to
>just "Audi AG" a couple of years ago.

Unfortunately, I think. Audi NSU Auto Union always made me feel like I was
driving a part of the company's rich 93-year history. I'm not sure when the
change was; my '84 4000 manual goes with the old name, and my '93 S4 has the
shorter version. I no longer have the '87 Quattro to check there.

C. Brent Morton
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