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Re: Upgrading everything else

> From edudley@mailbox.syr.edu Wed Nov  4 18:18:39 1992
> > 
> (Don't buy from the dealer.  Pay more elsewhere if you have to.  The idea
> is to keep your present Audi going as long as possible for as little
> money as possible.  Never buy new one, and never let the dealer see
> another dime of your money.)

I definitely subscribe to that.  However I spent couple of months looking
for an 88 90 Audi about 6 months back and located 2 private quattro's which
were over my price range.  There were 3 dealers that had 4, 88 90s and I 
ended up buying one of those.  3 out of 4 were in comparable conditions.
There were history of maintenance up to the time they were traded in for
a newer Audi.  All were in 50K mile range which is the point the warranty
runs out and possibly one of the reasons they were traded in.

The one I picked up had a steering problem which the dealer fixed at over
$2K cost.  Beyond that the car has been great and I have put in over 15K
miles since purchase.  

A year earlier I bought BMW 325 (86) for my wife from the first owner and 
it has not been nearly as maintenance free as the Audi.  Not sure whether
this is due to design, maintenance or our luck.

Sorry for getting side tracked.

Take care...