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Re: Upgrading everything else

>>>I just got my '86 4000S Quattro back from the shop.
>>>It needs brakes all around.  That will cost me over $400 just for parts.

>Eliot (as opposed to eliot :-)):
>>I'd be leary of that $400 brake job, I'm looking at receipts for pads
>>at $35 each end.
>>Unless you've ruined the rotors they should not need turning.  I like
>>to clean the ring of rust around the outer edge with a grinder, which
>>requires removing the caliper...
>I've been told I need rotors all around, because they are no longer thick
>enough.  He said the rear rotors are rusting away.  I'm suprized that rotors
>rust.  He's quoting me $79 apiece for rotors.

(Don't buy from the dealer.  Pay more elsewhere if you have to.  The idea
is to keep your present Audi going as long as possible for as little
money as possible.  Never buy new one, and never let the dealer see
another dime of your money.)

Yeah, they sure do rust.  It seems like the rust wears the pads away
very agressively, so once the rust starts on the outer/inner edges it
keeps working towards the center.  Maybe this is more an artifact of
my driving habits and commute, I usually don't use brakes if I can
get there just as fast without them.  Anyway, I seem to have to keep
polishing the rotors yearly to keep scalely rust from building up on
the surfaces thanks to "safe highways" by virtue of NaCl.

Nonetheless after nine winters of salt baths, one of the front rotors on 
the 84 4000q separated just last week, talk about pulsating brakes!  Were
they too thin and unsafe up to that point?  Sure, probably for the last
five years/100,000 miles.  Did they still stop the car when they were
literally falling apart?  You betcha.

Just measure yours and make up your own mind, fortunately I don't have
to decide, the State of New York gummint put a sticker on my car and
I know it's safe!

   Wear limit front: 18mm, 0.709"
   Wear limit rear:   8mm, 0.315"

Eliot W. Dudley                       
3388 State Rt 370  
Cato, New York  13033
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