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Re: Upgrading everything else

>Date: Wed, 04 Nov 92 21:14:39 -0500
>From: edudley@mailbox.syr.edu

Eliot said:
>Karl said:
>>I've been told I need rotors all around, because they are no longer thick
>>enough.  He said the rear rotors are rusting away.  I'm suprized that rotors
>>rust.  He's quoting me $79 apiece for rotors.

>(Don't buy from the dealer.  Pay more elsewhere if you have to.  The idea
>is to keep your present Audi going as long as possible for as little
>money as possible.  Never buy new one, and never let the dealer see
>another dime of your money.)

What do you have against Audi dealers?  I want to keep my costs down, too.
Audis since '88 cost too much.  Id rather buy a house or a sailboat.

>Yeah, they sure do rust.
>Just measure yours and make up your own mind, fortunately I don't have
>to decide, the State of New York gummint put a sticker on my car and
>I know it's safe!

Pennsylvania requires autos to be inspected annaully.  My mechanic is
is an independent (Mercedes, foreign car) mechanic.  He is in our local
SCCA region, so I don't think he will cheat me.  He offered to over look
the rear brakes.  Perhaps Its cheaper to remove the rust from the rotors and
put on new pads back there.  The brakes seem ok from the drivers perspective.