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Brake question

I finally observed the first failure of my "newly" (6 months) acquired Audi 90

The symptoms are loss of brake fluid and upon inspection, my best guess is that
the brake fluid is leaking from under the brake fluid reservoir which is
directly mounted over the master cylinder (or is that the slave cylinder) and 
in front of the vacuum booster.

Actually the connection between the reservoir and master cylinder is made
via two plastic pipes in the bottom of reservoir and it seems that 
from there down everything is pretty much soaked wet with brake fluid.

Now here comes the questions:

	1- Any other areas that I should be focusing on.

	2- Would I have to replace the reservoir or are there seals that I can
	   separately replace.

	3- What is the best way to drain the fluid?  Bleed it out of the 
	   wheel valves???

	4- I assume that afterwards I need to bleed the braking system.  Anyway
	   to avoid that.

	5- I have a bentley manual for the car.  (Have not had a chance to 
	   look up the braking system yet). Any precautions that I should