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Re: 4000 doodads and manuals

>The part in question a 1cm diameter meter tube that starts at an attachment
>point just behind of the exhaust manifold...

It is an exhaust gas sniffer tube, an exhaust gas analyzer can be connected
there.  It is used for fuel/air ratio (CO) adjustment purposes.  It isn't
an essential part, so if you don't want to fix it, you can remove it
from the exhaust manifold and plug the hole up with a bolt.  If you can
locate a oil-pan drain bolt from any Audi or water-cooled VW, it will
be a perfect fit.  Use some anti-seize compund in the thread.

>Part 2:  I need a decent manual.  Chilton doesn't seem to make one, which
>is really of no great concern.  Haynes does, but I'm having trouble locating

Chilton makes a combined Audi 4000/5000 manual that is not really worth
the money.  Haynes has a fairly decent Audi 4000 manual but does not
cover quattro models.  The absolute best (and expensive) manual is the
Robert Bentley Factory Service Manual, and it's a big book that covers 
every aspect of the car in detail.  Two editions are available for the
4000 series.  One is for the 1980-1983 4000 and Coupe, and another for
the 1984-1987 4000/Coupe, 4000 quattro and turbo quattro Coupe.  I have
mentioned this in the past:  If you are planning on doing work on your
car yourself the Bentley manual is a _must_.  The book, although
expensive, will pay for itself quickly in savings.

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