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Re: Brake question

dpb@Eng.Sun.COM (David Bokaie) writes:

>The symptoms are loss of brake fluid and upon inspection, my best guess is that
>the brake fluid is leaking from under the brake fluid reservoir which is
>directly mounted over the master cylinder (or is that the slave cylinder) and 
>in front of the vacuum booster.

That's the master cylinder.

>Actually the connection between the reservoir and master cylinder is made
>via two plastic pipes in the bottom of reservoir and it seems that 
>from there down everything is pretty much soaked wet with brake fluid.

>	2- Would I have to replace the reservoir or are there seals that I can
>	   separately replace.

The reservoir is attached to the master cylinder via pressure fit
(i.e. no fasterners).  There are sealer grommets that goes between
the reservoir and the master cylinder.  Assuming that the reservoir
itself is not broken or leaking, then replacing the sealer grommets
will probably do the trick.  You should remove the reservoir and
examine it carefully.

>	3- What is the best way to drain the fluid?  Bleed it out of the 
>	   wheel valves???

I say siphon as much out of the reservoir as possible (Use a syringe,
don't suck with your mouth!  It is poisonous), then just remove the
reservoir.  Use some rags around it to catch escaping brake fluid so
it doesn't get on everything else.

>	4- I assume that afterwards I need to bleed the braking system.  Anyway
>	   to avoid that.

If you open up the lines (which you certainly are by removing the
reservoir), you will need to bleed the brakes.  It is really not
such a hassle, but does require two people, unless if you get one
of those auto-bleeder devices.

Please be careful though, when you work on your brakes.  If you are
not sure at all about what you're doing then take the car in to
a service dealer and have them do it.  There's no foolin' around
with the brake system, since your life (and others') are at stake here.
If you do choose to do it yourself then make sure you consult your
Bentley manual for specific details.

Make sure you clean all brake fluid off any painted surfaces.  Brake
fluid eats paint.

Good luck,

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