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Re: Upgrading everything else

"Karl Nordstrom" <KXN2@PSUVM.PSU.EDU> writes:
>>I have been very happy with Repco Metalmasters on my Audi 4000 (which
>>has been modified to use the 10.1" front brakes from the 16V Scirocco
>>and rear disc brakes from a GTI).  Wonderful fade-free, squeal-free,
>>minimum-dust performance.
>Oooh, here's one I can do.  I just got my '86 4000S Quattro back from the
>shop.  It needs brakes all around.  That will cost me over $400 just for
>parts.  What does it take to modify the 4000Q to use the 16V Scirocco's
>front brakes?  How large are the GTI's rear rotors?  What size rotors
>are stock on the 4000 Quattro?

I am not sure if the Scirocco 16V front brakes or the GTI rear brakes
will fit on the 4000 quattro.  You will have to do a little investigative
work yourself.  Chances are, the fronts might fit fine, but the rears
probably won't.  The GTI rear discs are 8.9" diameter.  I don't have
my 4000 quattro literature handy right now so I don't know the size
of your rear discs.  You can probably just go measure it yourself.

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