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Re: Valve noise

> >Yes, I have come to the realization that I need the Bentley book, but
> >can't afford the admission price yet.  Besides, what could a book tell me
> >that you guys (and gals) couldn't?
> As a how-to book I'd rate the Hanyes much higher than the Bentley.
> Although it doesn't cover the quattros I wouldn't say it matters.
> In fact, if I recall correctly the Bentley doesn't have a section
> for the quattro transmission itself. 

Speaking of bentley book, I am pretty disappointed with the bentley book on
my 88 90.  I have had bentley books for scirocco and bmw 325 and I found
both complete with lots of detail that typically you don't find in a hanyes
book.  The audi book costed me about $100 and is full of drawings rather 
than pictures.  It does not have a step by step description similar to
the previous ones that I have owned.

The reason I bought the book was to find out how to replace the timing belt.
I have replaced timing belts on previous cars that I have owned but 
the bentley manual only shows one page drawing of the belt with its tensioner
and misc stuff.   It does not describe what things need to be removed 
to get to the belt.

Has anyone done this on a 90.  I would appreciate any comments....