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Re: BMW quits the GTCC

Did Audi make a Coupe Quattro with a 2.5 liter V6?

From: bspahh@gdr.bath.ac.uk (Andrew Henry)
Newsgroups: rec.autos.sport
Subject: Re: Audi quits the GTCC
Date: 11 Nov 92 21:54:58 GMT

ajd@DIALix.oz.au (Anthony Doig) writes:
Audi has confirmed that it won't be contesting the 1993 GTCC.
They had been testing the Coupe quattro 2.5 litre V6.
Audi Sporting Chief, Dieter Basche said, "We are not trusting
completely that something like what happened to us with the
180 degree crankshaft last year could not happen again.  We
cannot commit big investment without that trust."