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Re: Upgrading everything else

eliot@lanmola.engr.washington.edu writes:
>wonder if the S4's brakes would fit the 5000T.  audi had a brief
>flirtation with internal caliper brakes on the v8, but abandoned them
>shortly after.  the v8 is now retrofitted with 5000T/5000TQ brakes.
>works quite well for a 4000 pound car, but i haven't hammered them

I don't know if the S4 brakes will fit on a 5000 Turbo, but the
S4's front rotor is the same size as the 5000T's.  The increased
braking performance comes from a double-piston caliper on the S4.
Also, the rear rotors on the S4 is 10.6" compared to 9.7" on the 5000T.
It is likely that the mounting points are compatible, but this will
be a toughie to find out...

>> You might
>> consider upgrading to Repco Metalmaster brake pads for some improvement
>> in stopping distances.  
>has this been shown to be true to the satisfaction of skeptics?  if
>so, i will get a set too when the time comes after the warranty runs

I have been very happy with Repco Metalmasters on my Audi 4000 (which
has been modified to use the 10.1" front brakes from the 16V Scirocco
and rear disc brakes from a GTI).  Wonderful fade-free, squeal-free,
minimum-dust performance.

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