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Where is the beeper located ??

I bought an '87 Audi 5000S for my wife recently and I found that the
beeper for the lights left on or accessories left on beeper as well
as the key left in ignition warning beeper not working.  

Does anyone knows where the beeper is located ??  or how is it wired ??
I don't want to go into the dash without knowing where the thing is
hiding under.

O.K. while I'm at this, can someone offer the following minor fixes :

(1) Wind shield wiper skipping, the inserts are new but not the 
    wiper unit.

(2) How do I know whether I have the 130HP engine or the 110HP one ??
    Is there a marking on the engine or things to look for on the 
    engine ??  The engine looks slightly different from my '84 but
    the manual says it has 110 ponies.


						Tak Cheung