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Re: Audi brake fluid

David Bokaie wrote:-
> Ps: Has anybody changed a timing belt on a 90 (5 banger)?  The Bently manual
>     is pretty useless....

I haven't done this job myself but my garage recommended installing a
new water pump back face seal (O-ring) at the same time.

This is because the belt tension is adjusted by rotating the water
pump on the 5 cylinder engine; with a new belt, almost certainly a
different length from the old one, the pump will end up in a
different position. Sod's law being what it is, this will be with the
seal right on top of some corroded part of the face of the block and
the cooling system will leak necessitating doing the whole job over
again. A new seal (and cleaning up the sealing face on the block)
will minimise the chances of this.

Also the 5-cyl crankshaft bolt is pretty difficult to get undone
without the special Audi tool - my Haynes manual says it's done up to
260 ft.lbs. Make sure it's done up that tight on reassembly and use
locking compound.

Steve Brown
Advanced Robotics Research Ltd, SALFORD, UK
(1985 Audi 90CD, 1986 Audi 80GL)