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We're back on the air! Please feel free to post any message to 

Thanks for your understanding and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

	-dave t.

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>From tahajian@suneast.East.Sun.COM Thu Nov 19 12:37:26 1992
From: tahajian@suneast.East.Sun.COM (David Tahajian - Sun BOS Software)
To: quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM
Subject: QUATTRO ADMIN NOTE: alias unavailable 11/19 - 11/24
Content-Length: 403
X-Lines: 16

Dear members of the quattro alias:

Due to the re-location of my company's site, the quattro Email
alias will not be available from Thusday, November 19, 1992 
(THAT'S TODAY) at 4PM EST through Tuesday, November 24, 1992.

All should be well by Wednesday, November 25, 1992.
Thanks for your co-operation and understanding, and have
a Happy Thanksgiving!

	-dave tahajian
	quattro list administrator

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