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Re: Where is the beeper located ??

>I bought an '87 Audi 5000S for my wife recently and I found that the
>beeper for the lights left on or accessories left on beeper as well
>as the key left in ignition warning beeper not working.  
>Does anyone knows where the beeper is located ??  or how is it wired ??

There should be an access cover in the lower left side of the dash,
near the hood release lever.  Open the cover, and you'll see a rack full
of relays inside.  One of these relays will have "speaker grille" holes
on the top.  This is the chime relay.  If you have another Audi 5000,
you can try swapping the relay between the two cars and see if the
problem changes to the other car.  If it does, then the relay is bad
and you can get a replacement.  If the problem remains on the same car,
then you might have problems in the wiring.

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