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. I do not know where the thing is leaking, the fluid drips from the bottom of
. the transmission and it's not transmission oil (i.e. not reddish).  It's
. greenish, (not coolant because too oily, not engine oil 'cause too clean)
. I noticed that the rubber boots over the steering was broken and dirt on
. the rack.  I suspect the dirt got on the rod and rack and wear out the oil
. seals on the powering steering.

You did not mention the type of transmission but since the fluid is red
it is probably an auto. If so, I THINK the auto box has a cooler (coolant/
transmission fluid) which might fail causing the coolant and transmission 
oil to mix. Also, when I bought my 87 5000S in 1990, the previous owner
said that the dealer replaced the rack under warranty or recall. Perhaps
you can up the dealer and see if you can get the work done for free


Ericsson Communications,