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Big mistake


I have an 87 5000S auto with the 130 HP engine. I wanted to increase the
power and since there not too many goodies for this car, the add for
Jacobs Electronics had caught my eye in European car. So I called them
up and asked for details on their ignition system. They spoke very confidently
that their system would increase horsepower, mileage etc. After about
two weeks, after consulting some friends, after some careful thought
(I thought) I decided to order their Energy Pak system. I called to
order and made sure that no cutting or splicing of wires was required.
They told me that the system just slips in without further modification.
The stuff arrived a week later and I quickly assembled the wires and
installed them along with the coil which came with this kit. I did
not install the CD ignition module because I wanted to see what the
difference was when the individual components were installed. With the
coil and wires installed I fired up the car and checked everything out.
It seemed to run alright and I wanted to install the CD module the
following week.
After driving the car for about 30 minutes the car stopped and failed to
restart. The car was then towed to a local reputable garage as I did not
have time to look into the problem. My initial reaction was that I goofed
the installation. The mechanic in due course determined that the Jacobs
coil drew too much current and destroyed the ignition booster, ignition
control unit and the hall sender in the distributor. He tested the
components individually according to the factory manual and I trust his
competence and honesty. So after spending $$$ the car is back on the road.
Luckily the Jacobs kit has a 4 month return policy so (you guessed it) I
am going to return the kit. I also want them to pay for the damage caused
to my car. What action should I take to get the money for the repairs?
BTW, the wires they sent me were also wrong since it did not make positive
contact with the OEM Bosch dist cap. Also, their application chart for their
energy kit only when the 86 Audi. The Jacobs salesperson said that it
should work for the 87 model.
In any case, I have learned a valuable (costly?) lesson about trying
aftermarket stuff on this car. Also, if ain't broke ....

Thanks in advance,

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