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RE: Small leaks and small tremor

>Ok, I have another problem on my 87 Audi 4000S (auto).
>The hand of the speedometer trembles a little about half of the
>time I drive ( sometimes it does, something it doesn't, happens
>more often with cold engine or cold weather) and something, well...
>not exactly a clatter but rather some unusual frequency is heard
>from the engine keeping time with the tremor of the hand.

If it's a MotoMeter, then it's likely a problem like I've experienced with
my '85 VW Quantum.  I went through 5 speedometers, each replaced under
warrantee, before giving up.  I experienced various degrees of noisiness
and inaccuracy in each of them.  The one I have now wanders around 
unpredictably, indicating as much as 5 mph high or low.

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