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Re: Big mistake


	Sorry to hear about your car.  I have one of Jocabs Energy Paks in my
1986 Audi 5000s, and it seems to work fine.  Although my car has stopped running
once in a blue moon due to leads that become disconnected.  The only major problem I had, was that when I installed the unit, and drove my car, it managed to burn
the lead wire from the coil to the cap, and a few other plug leads in the process.
I changed all the leads for about $80, and so far no problems.  

As far as getting reimbured for your repairs, try writing them a letter, and give them copies of the reciepts etc...  If that does not work, have an attroney write thenm a letter (that usually works).  I worked for my claim against my local Audi dealer
, but that is too long of a story to tell