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Re: Big mistake

lmcsugi@noah.ericsson.se (David Sugirtharaj) wrote:
> [ ... damaged ignition components on 87 Audi 5000S due to installation of 
>   Jacob ignition system ... ]

I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience.  One thing this
does bring to light, though, is this:

If you are interested in improving the performance of your late model
VW or Audi, the ignition system is not where you should do so.  The
factory ignition system is just fine.  Even if you don't damage the
factory components, the aftermarket add-ons will NOT improve the power
or economy of the engine significantly.

There are plenty of fine aftermarket products to improve the exhaust
system, the intake system, the engine itself, etc., and these may be
applied for moderate to significant improvements.  But... don't believe
a word about improvements to your ignition system.  It simply doesn't
need any improvement.

A costly lesson to be learned for sure, but I hope no one else will
suffer the same consequences...

Perhaps a query to the quattro mailing list before investing in such
a purchase would have been a good idea?

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