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I have 215/60HR15 Invicta GAs on the original BBS of my '91 200TQ.
The handling is a little soft especially when cornering.  I'd like to
get some new rubber and I saw Steve's posting that the BFGoodrich Comp
T/A VR4 all-season tires are excellent.  I live in New Jersey so we
don't see much snow.  Steve also changed the wheels to 16 inches.  Was
this necessary ?  I read in a magazine (I think it was European Car)
that the benefits of upgrading from 15 to 16 inches are debatable
(they ran some tests and the difference was not there).  Steve, what
was your criteria to get 16" wheels ?  What do you think it would
happen if I get 225/50VR15 or 225/55VR15 tires ?  I want to see
significant improvement, do I need the 16" wheels ?


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