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Re: Audi 5000 was called 100

>From: "Peter Fraser" <peter_fraser@macmail.lbl.gov>
>        Reply to:   RE>> Audi 5000 was called 10
>Hi, everybody.  The following chain of stuff got me a little riled (after all,
>we're all part of this group because we own, and hopefully, like Audis), so I

> ... more stuff ...

>Anyway, I feel that overall Audi tries hard (for me, personally, and I hope the
>majority of you all) - so I wanted to try to get the end of the story out there
>as well.
>Your thoughts?

I am sorry that Dave Patterson has had lots of problems
with his Audi. My experience is totally different.
I have two Audis: a 1982 4000S and a 1990 200.

The 4000 has 160,000 miles, still gets the same gas
mileage and emissions levels of 8 years ago. Compression
is like new in 3 of the 4 cyliners and that lower one is
within spec. I have replaced nothing major except the
radiator and A/C condenser. Other things like shocks,
brakes, exhaust have shown above average longevity. The
body has rust on the leading edge of the hood and a couple
of bubbles on a couple doors and the trunk lid. Not bad
for almost 11 years in New England. I have owned this
car since new.

I bought the 1990 200 in April of this year. It has
performed flawlessly. Most of the problems with it
have been extremely minor: broken trim piece, light
out on one of the dash switches. It also needed
the lifters replaced(?). My dealer, Pass & Weisz of
Burlington, MA has replaced everyting I asked under
warranty, no questions asked, no matter how trivial.
We'll see if it ends up being as good as the 4000.
I really drives great!

Not all (or even most?) experiences with Audis are
bad. Mine have been great.

Peter Tracy
KEPS, Inc.
164 Lexington Road
Billerica, MA 01821

Internet:   pgt@keps.com
CompuServe: 76500,2535