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Re: audi bashing again

> Speaking of steering.  What is the problem with Audi's steering?

nothing of the reliability nature.  apologies for assuming that everybody
knows what servotronic is.

> I have notice that my car makes a hollow sound barely audible when I make a 
> turn.  This is most audible at slower speed.  Is this an indication of
> steering rack or servotronic on its way out the door?  Inquiring minds 
> want to know....

> > > what's servotronic ?  sorry, I'm an almost (will be on Monday) Audi
> > > owner  ;-) 

> > it's the infamous speed-sensitive variable assist power steering.
> > all the current new audis have it except the base model 100.

servotronic (made by ZF) has been universally criticised by just about
every single journalist in europe.  the american press is as usual too
cowardly to say anything.  (well georg kacher in automobile is the
exception, but he's german).  servotronic takes steering numbness and
vagueness to new heights.  for audis, which have always had wonderful
steering, this is sacrilege.  to be fair, the system used in the 100s
seem to be the least offensive.  but the one in the 1993 90Q is
unbelievable.  makes a honda look good.

if you say your 90 has 50K miles it is pretty unlikely that it is the
latest model, which means that you have the one with the nice
steering.  we started getting servotronic first on the 1991 V8, then
on the 100s and finally on the new 90's.  if you want to know what i
am talking about i recommend a test drive of the 1993 90.

i got the last of the audis with good steering.  those of you with
4000q's have something to feel good about.  it might be heavy, but you
can rely on it when the going gets tough, especially when going on
slick surfaces, the way the steering communicates the relative
slickness by its resistance is invaluable.