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Re: audi bashing again

Speaking of steering.  What is the problem with Audi's steering?
I know the steering rack on my audi 90 was replaced when I bought it
used with about ~50K miles on it.  I might add that was at a great expense 
to Audi.  I remember that the response of the service lady was that she had 
not seen a 90 with this problem but she said that it was 
common on 5000.  Is there anything that can be checked or done
to prevent the steering rack from going bad.

I have notice that my car makes a hollow sound barely audible when I make a 
turn.  This is most audible at slower speed.  Is this an indication of
steering rack or servotronic on its way out the door?  Inquiring minds 
want to know....

Have a nice weekend

> From eliot@lanmola.engr.washington.edu Fri Dec 18 12:28:59 1992
> Subject: Re: audi bashing again
> To: quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM (Quattro mailing list)
> Date: Fri, 18 Dec 92 12:29:12 PST
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> > what's servotronic ?  sorry, I'm an almost (will be on Monday) Audi
> > owner  ;-) 
> it's the infamous speed-sensitive variable assist power steering.
> all the current new audis have it except the base model 100.
> > Also, who is the mechanical engr looking for work out there ?
> dunno, what are you referring to?
> eliot