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Re: Back-up light switch

I had a similar problem with a Rabbit which turned out not to be the switch.
It was the mechanism that was suppose to turn on the switch when reverse
gear was engaged.  The fix was to bend the metal piece that would contact the
switch just enough to activate the switch when the car was put in reverse...

I don't know if you car is a stick shift as was my Rabbit but you may want to 
make sure that whatever mechanical way is activating the switch is working

Good luck,


> From kdg@hpfikdg.fc.hp.com Mon Dec  7 08:58:26 1992
> Date: Mon, 7 Dec 92 09:58:15 mst
> To: quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM
> Subject: Back-up light switch
> X-Lines: 12
> I have a 4000CSQ and have confirmed that my back-up light switch
> is no longer operating (I have bypassed it and the back-up lights
> work).  I was able to bypass it at the wiring harness in the engine
> compartment.  The question is this:  I believe the switch is located
> ON TOP OF THE TRANSMISSION!  Is there any easy way to replace this?
> My dealer told me that the transmission would have to be partially
> dropped to get at this switch.
> Thanks,
> Ken DelGrande    kdg@fc.hp.com