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Re: Big mistake

>>Eliot Lim <eliot@lanmola.engr.washington.edu>
>>I think that the cheapest way to upgrade the performance of a non
>>turbo 100/5000 is to simply trade up to a 200/5000T.  The dirt cheap
>>prices for the used turbo cars make most of the other options look
>>quite silly really.  It will not be as risky as unknown aftermarket
>>pieces that mechanics may or may not know how to fix.  $16K for a 1989
>>200TQ?  perfect upgrade.
>Eliots advice is by far the least expensive and most reliable way to
>achieve more HP.

purchase 1989 200  Turbo Quattro.......$16,000
sell     1986 4000 S     Quattro.........5,000
cost of upgrade........................$11,000

I've seen Turbo Quattro Coupes for less than that cost to upgrade.
I guess a fairer comparison for me would be trading for a '86-'88
5000TQ at $9000, minus $5000 for my 4000Q, for a cost of $4000.
I'm not even convinced that the 5000TQ is much of a performance improvement
over the 4000 Quattro.  I've read here on the Quattro mailing list that
someone found the performance of the 5000TQ less than the 80/90 Quattro.
The 80/90 Quattros are out of my price range.  All '88 and later Audis
are too expense for me!  I still have a coupe of years of payments on
my '90 Miata to go.