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Hi-Po Quattro 4000

>Open up the exhuast, add a header if it's not a 4000 Quattro (they have
>a factory header),

It's a 4000 Quattro.  I't will need a new exhaust soon due to rust.

>a better cam,
>possibly additional spark advance, recurve the distributor.
>a big-valve head,
>extrude-hone the intake, exhaust (if cast iron) and the head.
>There might even be a computer chip.

How much of this can be done with out adversely effecting the stock
fuel injection or leaving the low end lacking in torque?

>Check out _European Car_ magazine (was VX&Porsche)

I have seen a couple of ads for hi-po Audi parts in European Car, but
no 'how to' articles like there are for the VWs.