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Re: Audi 100LS

Lived in the Netherlands for two years in the early 80's and 
bought a 74 100 with 180,000km for $400, then wailed it for another
50,000 km.  In the context of 1974 it was one hell of a car.

We're talking a four door sedan with a real trunk and a back seat
that requires no apologies for the passengers.  It weighed in
at (as I recall) 2200 pounds, pulled around by a pushrod 1871cc
four putting out 115 hp.  With the four speed manual it would
do a no-bullshit 117mph at 26mpg on the level, and continue to
do so hour after hour.  Not that you could run even with the 
Rovers, Jags, and V8 MBs, but fast enough as a practical matter.
It never required any maintenance beyond the usual filters, plugs,
valve adjustments, and whatnot.

Handling was vastly superior to anything I had ever driven up
to that point, like Buick Electras and (may it be cursed for
eternity) a 74 Mercury Comet (now there's a piece of work).
As regards swollowing up potholes and going way too fast on
bumpy roads, I've never driven anything better.

It's crowning achievment was during a freak snow storm in
Brussels.  Those people had not a clue and the autoroute was
blocked for miles leading up to a jackknifed semi on a grade.
There was a sloped shoulder with a foot of heavy sloppy snow
that was clear, so to speak, so why not?  No problem.  The best
part was watching the metoo BMWs and MBs in the rear view
mirror as they attempted to follow and spun off into the 
guardrails, failing to heed the implicit "THIS LANE FOR AUDIS ONLY" 

Had a 77 100LS over here.  95 hp, automatic, carpeted, AC.
Just not the same.  Too heavy, not enough power, automatic sucked.
All the luxury gizmo crap went to hell.  Blew a head gasket.
Rusted to pieces.  For $150 to drive into the ground it was nonetheless
an excellent car, but I pity anybody that wants to maintain a
new Audi with all those gizmos at Audi prices.

Eliot W. Dudley                       
3388 State Rt 370  
Cato, New York  13033
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