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FI Problem?

	I'm having a weird problem with my 87' 4000 Quattro.
The problem is only when the thermometer is below 20 degrees F.
The car starts just fine, and runs well for about one minute.  After
which the car will not rev above 2500 RPM.  The car does not stall, it
will not rev.  I can hold the throttle at the half way mark and the 
engine will rev up and down, running smoothly(it does not miss when 
it does this).  After about 5 min the car will run fine.
I have a feeling the problem is in the fuel injection, but I have
no idea what to check.  I do have a factory manuel, so I can do some
trouble shooting.  I just have no idea where to start.

	I brought the car into a certified Bosch mechanic, but the 
car would not act up for them.
		Any suggestions?

			Thanks in advance....

  	You can e-mail direct at "peschko@i3.arc.umn.edu", or reply
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