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Re: A love for Quattros

> From: Kathy_A_Jensen@Novell.COM (Jensen, Kathy A)
> Date: Tue, 22 Dec 92 12:24:53 MST
> Total-To: Quattro@aries.east.sun.com 
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> Hi all!
> My quattro, as with many others, out-handles and out-performs any car or 
> 4wd truck on a snowy road!   (Yes, I must admit that the only car better 
> would possibly be a newer Audi Quattro!)  Driving in snow, and we have 
> already had lots of it this winter in Utah, is nothing but exhilarating.  
> The only thing I regret about pushing out stuck cars or leaving them 
> behind or simply staying on the road while everyone is sliding off, is 
> that my "P.O.-P.O." is cold doing it.  ie.:  I don't have seat warmers.  
> :(.  (Po-po: a German term  being pronounced "Poe Poe" like Edgar Allan 
> Poe.)  What I am looking for is a kit to install them myself.  Does 
> anyone know if one is available?  Do I need to go through the Dealer or 
> could I get them from a, well, shall we say,  wreaked Audi?   Are they 
> the same for all years (other than the look of the switch).  It really 
> doesn't seem like it would be a difficult task to install them.  
> Suggestions welcome.  
> Thanksinadvance,
> Kathy
> 87' 5000CS TQ
> kajensen@novell.com

You might try calling Shokan (new and used Audi parts) 800-255-2834
I've never purchased anything from them, has anyone else out there?
I just noticed thier add in the back of an Autoweek.

If you want to do it the cheap, quick, and easy way, Citibank shopper
catalog sells seat heaters that plug into your lighter.  I don't know
how well they work, I just noticed it while doing some holiday catalog
shopping.  If you don't have a Citibank Visa Card then I don't know.

I must say though, heated seats are the way to go. :)

Good luck,
Carl DeSousa