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Re: 1990 Audi 100 S...

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As to the 100LS engine, the inclined, straight 5 cyl (Or was it 4? Can't
remember.) was originally developed and abandoned by MB.  Good thing.
It was a dog.  Anyway, the salesman placed great importance on that fact
during his pitch.  Audi in those days was marketed as the small MB that
MB didn't build.  It's no accident that the number "100" was used -- it
fit nicely right below the "200"s at the bottom of the MB line.  In
fact, even the size and style of the numbers were the same as those on
the MB.  They were even in the same place on both cars -- right side of
the trunk lid.  Coming from a salesman, I was of course skeptical.  (Not
quite skeptical enough, unfortunately, since I bought it.)  But I have
read the same thing at least once since in a car magazine.