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Re: 1991 200 Turbo Quattro *** FOR SALE ***

>Yep, you are right! It was a 92 S4 I checked out. I have not seen the
>93. I stand corrected. Interestingly, the "non-logical" door locks
>are the result of customer requests; some customer do not like the
>fact that unlocking the driver's door automatically unlocks all the
>doors, they feel that this feature is a security risk in that
>someone could then jump into the car via one of the other doors.
>THis results in part from the publicity of carjackings of late.
>Customer have requested that only the driver's door unlock and that
>the driver then has to unlock the rest of the doors if desired.
>In my opinion this ought to be a switch-selectable feature so that
>those of us that live in low-crime areas do not need to hassle
>with the manual unlocking.

Sounds odd, but consistent.  I hate to say it, but it seems Audi has not
fully realized the importance of ergonomics or some of the creature
comforts.  I know of a other cars that addressed the problem in what I
feel is a pretty intellegent manner. Using the key, a 1 quarter turn
unlocks the driver's door, and a half turn unlocks the rest of the doors.

Just a small point, but I look at the window switch placement on my SO's
'86 4000 CSQ and have to wonder what they were thinking.

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