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Right tie rod

Hiya everybody,
 My right tie rod is more or less shot since the rubber
boot around it has cracked and the wheel has lateral play when the
wheels are off the ground. I will be buying the Bently manual soon,
but I would like to ask how difficult is it to replace it myself.
I went to Sears and saw their ball joint removal kit for $37 and was
wondering if it is suitable to be used on my 86 GT coupe. If an
instrument of leverage has to used to pry off the ball joint from the
whatchamacallit, won't I need something to push a new one in, other
than hammering the thing in? Does anyone know if the replacement tie rod
kit comes with its own grease?
        By the way, 4 new Boge Turbo gas are on the car and it handles
beautifully, now for better tires than the crappy Eagle ST that came
with the car.

Pittsburgh, PA 15232.