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Re: Right tie rod

>From: Hiok-Tiaq Ng <htng@aries.ece.cmu.edu>
>I went to Sears and saw their ball joint removal kit for $37 and was
>wondering if it is suitable to be used on my 86 GT coupe. If an
>instrument of leverage has to used to pry off the ball joint from the
>whatchamacallit, won't I need something to push a new one in, other
>than hammering the thing in? Does anyone know if the replacement tie rod
>kit comes with its own grease?

I don't know what the Sears kit has in it, but I removed the tie rod
end from the strut on my 82 4000S with a gear puller. Putting it back
in requires no tool because tightening the nut pulls it into place.

The ball joints(at least on my 4000) are held to the control arm by
two nuts and bolts and to the strut by a shaft(part of the ball joint)
held on by a 17 mm bolt/nut. You just need to take off the three nuts/bolts
to get it apart. The only hard part I had was separating the ball joint
from the strut-it was rusted together. You also may need to push on the
control arm at the same time you take stuff apart and put it back together
if you do not remove the sway bar.

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