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Looking for advice


I currently own a 1986 80 quattro (I gather it wasn't called an "80"
in N. America, but its the saloon with 1.8 litre injection engine)
which is starting to show its age.

Although Southern England doesn't suffer from the extremes of weather
that some of the contributors to this group seem to encounter, I'm very
impresssed by the handling benefits of the four wheel drive in general
driving (we have plenty of less-than-straight country lanes!). Therefore
I'm starting to look for a newer (but still 2nd hand) quattro of some

Much though I like the idea of getting a "real quattro", initial
indications are that, even with a clean driving record, the insurance
premiums would be prohibitive (in the region of 1500 pounds per year!).
Therefore, my main interest is in a 80, 90, or possibly coupe, quattro
about 2-4 years old.  I'm aware of the basic spec of the variants that
were produced cicra 1989-91 (8 or 16 valve 2.0 litre and 10 or 20 valve
2.3 litre engines), but would appreciate any comments about the merits
of the various models, e.g. the "sport" variants suposedly have uprated
suspension, but how significant is this?

                        Thanks in advance,

                                Andy Yule

yuleat@prl.philips.co.uk  ----  Philips Research Labs, Redhill, UK