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Climate Control Problem

I have a problem with the climate control on my
1990 200. It does not always modulate the temperature
properly, particularly on long trips. When the 
setting is on Auto, hot air comes out the dash
vents(as well as elsewhere) and keeps making the car hotter
and hotter. If I put it into Bi-Level, air does
not seem to come out the dash vents. My guess
is that the vacuum motors moving flaps in the
heater are malfunctioning.

I have the workshop manual and it has an impressive
debugging sequence, which I have not had time to
go through yet.

Anyone have experience or thoughts on where to look?
Anyone know where to observe the operation of the
flaps as pictured in the manual? Are they under the
dash or on the firewall? The manual forgot to tell
where to look (at least I could not find it).

Thanks in advance.

         Peter Tracy
         KEPS, Inc.
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         Billerica, MA 01821

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